A Little Bit About Me


My name is Laura, pronounced (Lau-da). 

I am the founder of Home Pawtrol, but first and foremost I am a  life long animal lover.  I have worked in the IT field for large corporations, graduated as a chef, and worked for a local non-profit, all of which allowed me to gain valuable professional experience and personal growth. It is my passion for animals that brings me most fulfillment.

My pets are one of the most important beings in my life and as such I want to make sure they are loved, happy and safe even when I am away from home.

Home Pawtrol was created with that mission in mind. To care for your pets when you are away with the same love you would.

Our services are PAWSONALIZED to your needs while offering reasonable, competitive rates. 

So let's partner together to ensure your beloved pet gets the best care possible next to yours.


Safe and Happy


As cliché as it sounds my pets are my kids. And it is of the utmost importance to know that they are safe and happy.

That's what we do.

 We bring care and love to your pet's most comfortable and safe place. 


 Happy Pet. Happy Parent.



Going on vacation? Traveling for business? Working long hours? Let's face it. 

We are always on the go!

Home Pawtrol services can be customized to meet your needs without disrupting  your pet's routine.  

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed Staycation.  



Home Pawtrol is 100% customer service oriented and strives to bring you the best pet care service experience. 

Your peace of mind is important to us.

Your pet safety and well being is our top priority.  

Home Pawtrol is: Bonded and Insured

Pet First Aid/CPR Certified

Home Pawtrol is Bonded, Insured and Pet First Aid/CPR Certif